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In a small Tibetan village, Nyima decides to go on a one year 2,000km pilgrimage to Lhasa to fulfill his uncle's wish. Some friends, neighbors and relatives decide to join him. Soon the small group of 11 is at the edge of the village to start by foot the journey to try to expel their faults and enlighten their souls… 
Directed by renowned Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yang, who says " I shot this fiction in a documentary style. There was no script. The actors are non professional. It was shot at 4,000mt of altitude over a period of one year. By shooting the paths and the journey of this pilgrimage, the film tries to look for the energy given by beliefs. It also allows us, non-believers, to think about our own spiritual lives. It reminds us to never lose ourselves. And on the road we started to look for ourselves, for our convictions".
Sat 20 May 6:00pm & Sun 4 June 4:00pm.Tickets $15/$12


How much can a good man take before he turns bad? After a car accident that puts a man into a coma, a small-town taxi driver becomes overburdened with paying the injured man’s hospital costs to the point of considering murder as a possible way out. Directed by Chinese-Canadian filmmaker Johnny Ma, a psychological thriller loosely based on a real story about battling bureaucracy and manipulation in modern day China. 
Sun 21 May 4:00pm & Sat 3 June 5:00pm. Tickets $15/$12

Saturday 3rd June.
Doors open 6:00pm, screening commences 7:00pm

On the 29th July 2014 Glen Turner a compliance officer with the Office of Environment and Heritage was shot four times by a farmer and died on the side of an isolated public road in NSW, 40 kms from Moree.
Cultivating Murder tells the story of what happened and follows the murder trial to discover why it happened. It is an unusual murder case. The mystery is not “Who did it?” but “Why did he do it”? The accused is a wealthy New South Wales farmer. The circumstances of the shooting are shocking and perplexing. Glen Turner’s family friends and colleagues want to see the full weight of the law applied.
As the murder trial gets underway, the government have released the draft for new environment laws that will undo a quarter of century of conservation and protection and unleash a new wave of broad-scale clearing of land, (it is already underway) and destruction to fragile eco systems. It has implications for all land use in Australian.
We tell the story of Glen Turner’s family, Government employees, whistle-blowers, and rural producers in the region where the murder took place. The film will be dedicated to the memory of Glen Turner a professional and ardent environmentalist.

The film will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

Tickets at the Regent or online at www.trybooking.com/283373
Adults $15.00
Concession $12.00
Kids  $10.00

Wednesday 7th June.

The Armour Of Light: the Life of Reverend Doctor Barry Marshall, by Dr Nola Firth
Launched by Rev. Dr. John Tyman

The Rev. Dr. Barry Marshall predicted in the 1960s that if the church did not lose its complacency it would be irrelevant in a generation. This biography, "The Armour Of Light", is about a truly remarkable Australian man at home both as a Bush Brother in Bourke and a scholar in Oxford. He was described by some as a saint while his church rattling and lampooning of his opposition challenged others.

Film Chat:

Love chatting about movies with like-minded people? Join us for a discussion led by Lori Scinto every third Friday of the month after the 6:00pm screening. There is no fee to become a member of our Film Chat Group. Pizza and sushi can be arranged for participants. Drinks available at the Regent bar.

SUNDAY’S DIM-SUM.  Nowhere to eat on Sunday afternoons? From 12:00pm home made dim-sum, spring rolls and other south-east Asian delicacies available at the Regent. Vegetarian options available. From $2.00/each.
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